I took a quick trip down to Atlanta last week for the annual Home & Gift show.  It's where retail stores go to buy their wholesale products and it includes not only boutique gift items, but a lot of interior design products and art.  It was inspirational to say the least.  It was visually a feast for the eyes, for those who are inspired by their eyes.  Around every corner there were beautiful, carefully curated arrangements of products.  Every brand I have every heard of and many I have not heard of before. 

It was a great opportunity to see what is out there in the marketplace, what trends are occurring in interior design, what products exist and more importantly, what products are missing.  I am happy to report that I really did not find a lot of pattern rich products.  I supposed interior design companies sell more of the muted ivory, black, khaki and it makes sense.  It is a different business model too.  By creating products that only exist digitally, I am able to take risks that established brands may not.  If a product is not popular, I will pull it down.  Data allows me to better understand popular demand.  

The show covered 18 floors across two buildings and another 12 or so floors of a third building.  It was massive.  I spent three days walking, talking with business owners, learning more about the wholesale/retail model, and just absorbing visual information.  It inspired me for the year ahead!  Check out @studio_motif our instagram page for photos from Atlanta.

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