One of my favorite parts of design is meeting with clients for the first time and learning about the culture and history of a work place, restaurant, private club or other interior environment.  The story of a brand and the architecture of a space are the critical components of understanding where to go next with a project.  And research.  A floorplan and a field visit in particular, are critical to understanding how people move through space and utilize it.

Oftentimes, clients don't know exactly where they want to go with the design and it is important initially to keep the variety of options open.  I like to present three fundamentally different design paths to pursue and learn from listening to the client how much or little risk they want to take in a project.   Within these parameters, I like to explore further avenues of design.  The critical element of client centered design is listening, of course. 

While custom design is invariably hard work, it is also incredibly rewarding to reach the culminating final design iteration and see a project come to life.  Particularly with environmental graphics, the results are literally larger than life.   Nothing is better than when a client is thrilled with the outcome of a design project.  And nothing is better than when a space goes from drab and plain to colorful, functional (wayfinding/signage), branded, and inspiring with graphics.

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