Many people don't generally think of wallpaper when they think of office design.  Or restaurant design. Or retail design.  But wallpaper is simply a means of adding graphics to the walls.  A canvas similar to vinyl.  Each serves its own purpose.  Wallpaper is also associated with the 1980's.  It's come a long way since then.  While pretty much any design can be printed to wallpaper these days, small batch, on demand printing allows for more custom work for each client.  

Think of the last time you saw a really cool graphic on the walls?  Perhaps it was a vintage black and white photo of a cityscape behind a bar.  Perhaps it was a an inspiring, colorful mural on the wall in the children's wing of the hospital.  Perhaps you didn't notice it.  I encourage you to take a look around in places like restaurants and retails and see what they do with the walls.  It is such a blank canvas in so many instances, but when its done well, it's memorable.  Additionally, check out our commercial design inspiration gallery page.  We are adding more photos daily so check back with us shortly!

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