I have seen first hand that when people hear the term 'wallpaper', they immediately get nervous.  Why?  Because they feel like it is a forever commitment.  It is something permanent.  On the contrary, it is not permanent.  It can be removed in a a few hours over the weekend.  So why bother adding wallpaper? It can utterly change, personalize and transform your space.  While there are also several types of removable wallpaper these days--currently being marketed to the apartment dweller--we have decided at this time not to print to removable paper for a variety of reasons. 

When it comes to choosing what wallpaper is best for your space, whether it is home or office, there are several important factors to consider.   From experience designing and selecting wallpaper for spaces, I think the single biggest factor is contrast.  The highest contrast design is going to be black on white or white on graphic.  With that in mind, the lower the contrast ratio, the 'safer' the wallpaper choice.  When selecting for residential design, I highly recommend medium to low contrast options.  For commercial design however, bold, high contrast designs can be fantastic.  Larger spaces, high ceilings and focal walls (where one wall has wallpaper and the adjacent walls are painted drywall) all merit consideration of bold options in pattern and contrast.  My second consideration for wallpaper selection is color.  What colors are already in your space?  How can the wallpaper colors tie in with the furntiture? Is there already an abundance of pattern in the textiles (drapes, pillows, upholstery, etc)?  If so, I recommend a quieter geometric pattern.  When to go bold in a residential space?  When the rug, the furniture and the room are solid colors.  Likewise small spaces like bathrooms are actually excellent places for bold statement wallpaper.

Making the choice of texture for wallpaper is also important.  Wallpaper comes in a variety of subtle textures and we can even print to silk, grasscloth and more.  I have simplified it here with a simple residential or commercial option.  The commercial paper is thicker, fire rated and stands of to the rigorous exposure of spaces with a great deal of people traffic.  Commercial wallpaper is also a great option for residential bathrooms that get a lot of moisture exposure.  The residential option offered here at Studio MOTIF Co. is matte which falls into the category of classic design, not flashy.  Quality over trend.  And I think it has the broadest appeal.

Needless to say, we love wallpaper.  And we love questions!  Please reach out to us on on our contact page with any and all questions you have about wallpaper for your space!

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