As we continue to grow and develop the Studio MOTIF Co. brand, we have been reflecting a lot of differentiation.  How our products can stand out and be unique from everything on the market.  Having been to recent tradeshow and spending several days looking for similar products, I can say there is not much like our design on the market. 

Specifically, we have chosen to focus on geometric pattern design and bold use of color.  Further, we absolutely take inspiration from place, culture, art history, and architecture.  But we have recently been pondering....with our next collections should we move more toward art historical context or veer more toward abstract design.  Some patterns you immediately associate with a culture, and others are more subtle, a gently nod or reference to a style or place.  We will continue to debate this for the weeks ahead.

With our focus on bold color, some of our wallpaper lends itself to commercial applications.  However, we have also made a distinct effort to design wallpaper for residential application--quieter, lower contrast and simpler for every day.  

What do you like the most?  What do you want that you don't currently see here at Studio MOTIF Co.?  Let us know!

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