Getting Started

I founded Studio MOTIF Co. in May of 2018 because I am obsessed with color and pattern.  I always have been, but I moved around the country for my husband's career, had children along the way, and never seemed to find the time for design.  I have also been looking for the best means to express my passion.  With wallpaper in particular, I found a way to apply pattern and color to an interior, and I have seen first hand how transformative it can be.  

When people hear the term 'wallpaper' they often think of the 1980's.  The florally stuff in grandma's house.  But it has become so much than florals.  Modern print technology allows artists to apply almost any design to the walls.  Wallpaper is just the canvas, the means by which to reproduce the designs and apply them.

As I start down this journey of sharing my designs and growing this business, I will do my best to post at least once a week in this blog.  I will share my advice on how to determine what patterns are best for your space, how to design patterns, and what I have learned along the way.  I equally hope to inspire my reader and bring more color into your world through design.


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