As we source manufacturers for everything from our wallpaper (printed locally in Detroit) to our other products, we have made a conscious effort to find companies that are local to the United States.  We have done this for a few reasons.  In particular, shopping local is important because it supports companies and jobs here in the U.S. 

Our partner company Kit+Oliver, our first foray into e-commerce, is filled with products that are sourced globally.  While we love the unique nature of each of the items sourced for Kit+Oliver and the quality of the products has been great, we've learned a bit about the disadvantages of global shipping (notably, the time it takes to arrive).  When we can find the best pricing locally, here in the U.S., that is our goal for Studio MOTIF Co.  We also know the quality of our products will be top notch when we work with the best in the U.S.  Furthermore, communication is easier and shipping is faster when our products are made here.

We'd love to hear from you on our contact page if you are looking for something that we don't yet produce.  Currently we are searching for manufacturers in the USA that can apply our patterns to tablecloths, cloth napkins, napkin rings, and more.  

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