There are differences in the wallpaper stock materials for residential applications and commercial applications.  In order to put wallpaper in a commercial environment, it needs to be fire rated and more durable to hold up to higher traffic.  But beyond the material differences, there is a large difference in the design choices one used in a residential versus commercial environment.

A restaurant, office, or retail environment in particular can have bright, bold, colorful wallpaper that reflects the brand story, the atmosphere they are trying to create, etc.  A residential application for wallpaper tends to be lower contrast patterns, muted colors for quieter walls.  Other than a small bathroom or focal wall, most of us probably don't want high contrast, bold wallpaper in our living room.  

Here at Studio MOTIF Co. we are designing for a variety of contexts.  Our Kiawah collection, for example, lends itself to a beach house application.  It is also geared more toward residential applications.  Our Paris collection is geared more toward a commercial application.  The colors are a bit bolder, the patterns are stronger, suggestive of an Art Nouveau environment, etc.  And some of our patterns are better suited for our products like phone cases and bags.  We don't always want flowers on our walls.  But with 350+ colorway options and growing, we hope you can find something that works with your space.  If not, we'd love to work with you to create the perfect custom option.

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