Just back from the lovely tropical weather of Mexico.  Inspiration was everywhere, from the organic shape and color of the greenery and flowering plants to the painted pottery and textiles.  Vivid bright colors that emotionally connected me to Mexico.  Landing back in the gray of mid-winter Detroit was a stark difference, not just in temperature, but color.

While our focus right now at Studio MOTIF Co. is on growing our social media presence (we are a new company), the next wave of design collections will include a Mayan inspired collection.  A visit to the Mayan ruins of Tulum in particular was memorable.  While it's a shame that most of the original relief on the exterior of the structures has faded away over time, texture was everywhere.  And shape.  And of course being a historic port city, that vivid aqua blue of water.  

This was my first trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.  Quite different culturally from the people, patterns, food and overall feel of Mexico City.  Check out @studio_motif on instagram for photos - especially those from Tulum.

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