I've learned wanderlust is a genetic thing, and I've definitely inherited it.  Without a doubt, my most influential experiences come from travel.  The unique history of the city, its architecture, its art, the food, the fragrances -- they all inform my senses when I travel.  Which is why I could not develop Studio MOTIF Co. without travel in mind.  Each of the collections takes inspiration from a place.

I am always planning my next trip, but one place I will always go back to is Paris.  For a designer, Paris is mecca.  The unique details of each shop, each cafe, the human scale of the architecture (minus La Defense), the sunsets, the Seine are all so artful it is a bit like being on a movie set.  The takeaway for me is always the humanness of it--a reflection of the centuries upon centuries in which people have lived there.  The strip malls of Michigan don't fill that void.  We have a Paris collection here, which leans heavily on Art Deco influences because they are everywhere in Paris, from the Metro signs, to the architecture to the store fronts...that Era was highly influential on the city.  Is there more to Paris than Art Deco?   Absolutely, but one collection at a time...there may be another Paris collection, but there are so many more places to cover first.

@studio_motif is our instagram and I could list our product images there...and I still might.   But for now, I am focused on including images from travel, mostly architecture, interiors, and the decorative arts.  Some gardens and vistas will make their way in there too.  Color, pattern, texture and sense of place come from my travels and they stay with me.  Our instagram page is a reminder of my sources of inspiration, and I hope it will be for you as well.

So where to next?  I am planning...

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