How many rolls will I require?

Measure your walls - make sure you have an accurate measurement of the height and width of the the wall you'll be covering. Sometimes it helps to draw a rough sketch to use while you do your calculations. Next you will need to enter these measurements into the wallpaper calculator found on each product page. Let the calculator do the work for you. If you prefer, please email us or open a chat with your wall dimensions (height and width) of each wall you'd like to cover with wallpaper and we'd be happy to figure out how many wallpaper rolls you'll need.

What are double vs single rolls?

Our residential rolls are considered DOUBLE rolls which means that each double roll is 20 feet long and 40 sq/ft.  When you select '1' in the residential wallpaper category, you are selecting 1 double roll order and will receive 2 rolls. (Each single roll is 24" wide and 10 feet long as per a standard ceiling height). Our commercial wallpaper is printed on paper that is approximately twice the width of the residential wallpaper and is sent in single rolls 10 feet long and 48" wide.  One commercial roll also covers 40 sq/ft.

What is a batch number?

A batch number indicates rolls that have been produced together. Rolls from the same batch should be hung together to avoid any roll to roll color discrepancies. We print in small batches and can guarantee a close color match between each roll.  However, if you order more of the same wallpaper at a later date, this is a small risk of color discrepancy.  If this occurs, please contact us.

What does pattern repeat mean?

Pattern repeat measures the design on your wallpaper. It is the vertical distance between one point in the pattern and where that identical point appears again. Pattern repeats can vary in size and are important to keep in mind when deciding how much wallpaper to order.

What is pattern match?

Probably the biggest misconception is the belief that pattern repeat and pattern match are one and the same thing, it simply being a different word. This is not the case and it needs to be clearly appreciated that pattern repeat can be very different from pattern match. The purpose of the Pattern Match is to identify where, in relation to the other side of the wallpaper (across the width), the matching part of the design is. To help with this you will find our wallpapers are trimmed through the design for ease of matching on hanging. If the matching half of the design falls on the same horizontal plane as the other side, then it is a straight match. If, on the other hand, the matching part of the design falls somewhere between two match points, in relation to the other side of the sheet, then it is a drop match. The other type or match is a random match or free match. This is one in which the pattern matches no matter how adjoining strips are positioned. Stripes are a good example. Please note, patterns with a large pattern repeat or a drop match require additional wallpaper to account for wastage.

Can I clean the wallpaper?

Yes. STUDIO MOTIF CO. wallpaper can be cleaned with gentle soap and water.  The printed surface of the wallpaper is waterproof. Treat the wallpaper as an expensive throw pillow: spot clean with a diluted, mild soap. DO NOT use any cleaning agents with any solvents whatsoever.  Make sure you do not get the wallpaper too wet. It is best to have a dry cloth with you to wipe up the excess immediately. Note: Please use caution as STUDIO MOTIF CO. accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur from damage during cleaning.

What size are the samples?

Our wallpaper and wall mural samples are all 8" x 8" in size. You can order a sample by adding a swatch to your basket and following the checkout instructions.

What's a "butt join" or butted seam?

A seam in which the wallpaper strips meet exactly, edge to edge. The two edges of the wallpaper should be touching but not overlapping. All Studio MOTIF Co. wall coverings are finished as a butted join for easy installation. A seam roller is a tool that can be used to seal the wallpaper seams and help smooth any edges that have lifted. Do not roll the seams too aggressively or you will push out all the adhesive.


Do you really ship your wallpaper for FREE?

We sure do. We understand just how annoying shipping can be, so we have taken care of it for you.

When will I receive my order?

We send all wallpaper orders with worldwide express service. They are all sent with tracking, so you can keep an eye on them the whole way. Please note that most Studio MOTIF Co. wallpapers are made to order, so please allow us 14-21 days for us to prepare you order and send it to you. Please contact us to inquire about stock levels, if you have any special shipping requests or need further information.

Do you combine orders together to ship?

Yes. Most orders with multiple items are shipped together. We have specially designed shipping boxes of various sizes for just this reason. Occasionally we may split an order when shipping. This is usually to keep all items looking their best upon arrival.

It doesn't look like what I saw on screen

We have done our best to provide you with accurate portrayal of all goods. Due to monitor settings and variances with these, colors may vary slightly from what you see on screen. Every care is taken to ensure descriptions and measurements are accurate. We recommend ordering a sample to avoid any surprises.

Can I cancel my order?

This will depend on the status of your order. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

Can I change my delivery address?

This will depend on the status of your order. The sooner you contact us regarding a change of delivery address, the sooner we can help. Administration fees may apply